Monday, August 6, 2007

Bourne to be Wild

Okay, we've all heard the various play on words regarding the Bourne series. I couldn't resist.

I plan to see The Bourne Ultimatum later this afternoon, with a review to follow soon after. I wanted to see The Bourne Identity and The Bourne Supremacy again before seeing Ultimatum, but that was not to be. *sigh*

I am reading Robert Ludlum's original novel, The Bourne Identity. It differs greatly from the 2002 movie of the same name based upon the novel. Considering the novel is set in 1980 (the current year when it was published), much of it is dated and technology is much more advanced 20-odd years later. The movie had to alter quite a bit to stay current and relevant. Cell phones alone change the tone of the story in so many ways.

Anyhow, just to get your juices pumping for the movie, here is the trailer for The Bourne Ultimatum ...

Oh, wait! That was the Kimmel Show's trailer. Sorry!

Here's the correct one ...

Wonder who would win in a fight between Jason Bourne and James Bond?

I think, Bond fan that I am, I still would have to give the edge to Bourne. He is just more ruthless, more cold than Bond. Plus, while Bond was spitting out a pithy one-liner, Bourne would shoot him in the kneecap. (Though the "new" Bond, played by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale is more Bourne-like than Bond-like, so he would at least make it a good fight, if not a draw).

Then again, Bond could use a gadget to defeat Bourne. Sneak up on him in a crocodile submarine, laser his belt in two with his wristwatch, then knock him out with a pseudo-judo karate chop to the neck as he bends over to pull his pants up.

Still ... Chuck Norris could kick both their asses with one leg tied behind his back, blindfolded, and set ablaze with kerosene and a flamethrower!

Or so the Interent would have us believe. ~.^


Alastair said...

Agree with you there. Chuck would sort them both out with ease! ;-)

I thought the film was pretty good. Not a massive fan of the bourne series due to the shakey camera techniques - but still a decent movie!

You're right about the books. I picked up the Bourne Ultimatum book at the airport recently and David Webb is 50, married with three kids!

Raivynn said...

I mention the horrible sjakey-cam action in my review of the movie, too. I wish this currenmt fad would stop. I blame Michael Bey, he started it! ~.^

WorshipCity said...

Oh crap man that Kimmel trailer had me rolling!

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