Wednesday, August 15, 2007


No, not the rock band.

In this case AC-DC stands for Air Conditioner Does Cool.

That's right, my AC is working again! Yay!

Per the tech guy (who looked a little like Corbin Bernson) the unit was just frozen solid. No repairs were required. Freon was charged, pressure was good. He also mentioned the unit looked like the Trane equivalent of Frankenstein. (We've had numerous repairs to it over the years, especially after it got fried by lightning.)

We were charged a total of $130 for two trips out. I was a bit miffed at that, but can only blame myself because I did not see any ice in the unit and did not shut it off before his first trip out. This required a second trip after we sweltered all night with the AC off.

Still, small price to pay in light of what it could have been. Though the tech did state the unit was on its last legs, and we had better start saving for a new one. We're hoping it lasts until the lawsuit against the roofing company that screwed up and caused major water leaks is settled before this happens.

So, if you live in Tampa and need air conditioning repairs, I highly recommend Action Air. Friendly, not as prompt as I like, but they did not push us to get a new unit, and no mysterious ailment of the machine was diagnosed. It wasn't broken, they said so, and I appreciate that kind of honesty in a business.

We've found our new AC company, and when we do get a new unit, they'll be who we go through.

For anyone who thought they'd find some real AC~DC stuff here, and for those of you who read through the entire post above, and because as hot as it got last night reminded me of Hell ...


Russell Hawkins said...

I can't imagine living w/out AC. Even up here in Michigan. But when I was living in Florida (Panama City Beach) it was more than essential. Of course the inground pool was a big help too! :)

DystopianPriest said...

Bizarre, I just downloaded AC/DC's back in black for my primary ringtone.


Worship City said...

Yeah dude we just had the AC man come out as well. Took him all of 20 minutes to get my temperature down from 82 to the mid 70s! That night was the first night in almost a week we actually used our blanket :)

Highway to in the South with no AC in late summer...coincidence???

Raivynn said...

No coincidence I chose that particular song. None at all. muhahahahaha