Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Heroes, Ninjas, and Critters

I spent the morning watching the first 7 episodes of Heroes on DVD. I loved the show when it came out, and watched the first 4 as they aired. As the weeks went on, I found myself involved with my Rebel Dragon guildmates in Guild Wars, then World of Warcraft. Heroes fell to the wayside, and I vowed to get the DVD when it came out.

I remembered I had not posted to the Roost when I received several oddball news links from my best Internet buddy, Johnny Crash. (I'd link to his blog, but he hasn't updated in months. *sigh*) And since I was watching Ninja Warrior with the family when Crash sent the links, it was not until now I actually got around to posting.

Thanks to him, I am able to give you a link about a Vicious Dog Pack Attack on a Florida Gator, originally posted on the always interesting, often funny Crazy for Critters blog. Beware! The chilling image of this horrific animal battle may be too much for the squeamish.

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