Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo - The Future of Gaming

You'd think this is a possibility with all the Halo3 tie-ins.

Have you ever played Halo? Will you?

I haven't. I'm not much for first-person-shooters. Especially player-vs-player ones. I just suck. Still, Halo3 looks to be graphically beautiful, and there is something a bit cathartic about blowing away digital enemies. I'm just not going to drop $350 on an Xbox 360 then another $50 or more just for a single game.

People are doing it, though.

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Mud Puppy said...

I have no idea why I never got into gaming. Maybe because when I was younger we couldn't afford a system. I spent most of my Nintendo days at a friends house.

I like to play a little Bond on the N64 about once a year when my buddy comes into town, just for old times sake.

The graphics these days are amazing though!