Monday, September 10, 2007

Iron Man Trailer

Iron Man is one of my favorite super-heroes. I used to love the whole playboy millionaire / super-hero / flawed individual thing he had going. And his armor suits were freaking cool!

On 05-02-08 Iron Man will burst onto the big screen. Robert Downey Jr. is an inspired casting choice to play Tony Stark aka Iron Man. John Favreau directs ol' Shellhead's debut picture. Many other big name stars are also on board: Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, Hilary Swank, Jeff Bridges, and the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury!

I'd advise going to Apple's website to view the trailer in a crisp, clean Quicktime or HD format.

If you don't wanna go there, the trailer has already shown up on YouTube. Not sure how long it'll be available, but here is a link to one below:

I love how Black Sabbath's Iron Man made it into the trailer. Makes me wanna see it even more!

It may surprise you to know there is already a fantastic, full length Iron Man movie available on DVD. The third in Marvel's animated features, The Invincible Iron Man is a surprisingly good adventure and origin story.

Iron Man's arch-enemy Mandarin is in this one, though continuity is much different than in the comics. His origin, battles with powerful magic imbued statues, a love interest, and more armor action than you fire a repulsor at will keep you glued to your television. Easily one of my favorite super-hero movies ever.

I'll likely watch this once or twice before next May. My anticipation level for the Iron Man movie is running high! I can't wait!!

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Russell Hawkins said...

I was going to comment on Jasons post about how that song from that truck commercial was in there. I'm more excited about this movie than I was about any of the other superhero movies. And this was the first I've heard of it. And I couldn't tell you if Iron Man was a good guy or a bad guy. It just looks like a fun movie!!!

Like a cross between Transformers, Terminator, and Superman