Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Long Two Days

Sorry there was no blog entry yesterday, nor really one for today.

Yesterday was filled with doctors appointments, at the tail end of which the car began to overheat. Not fun to have happen in Florida near 100°F weather. We had to turn the air conditioning off in the car to limit the stress on the radiator. We also ended up having to stop several times to allow it to cool down. (Once was at an Arby's, so at least I had a good lunch!)

My poor mom does not tolerate heat very well. I was worried about her, quietly freaking out that the car would make it home, and trying to put forth a confidant, cheerful face. If my emotions got to me, Mom would fall apart quicker than a Jenga game played by termites.

By the time we got the car home, it was past 4 o'clock. I've posted far later than that, but I was beat. After cooling off, I relaxed on the couch, ate some supper a little later, then played some WoW.

I had hoped to complete a long, arduous class quest chain for my mage. But circumstances precluded that, which was just as well. I was worn out from the long, hot day and tiring fast. Plus, I needed to be up by 5:30 to get the car to Firestone by the 6 AM opening.

Sure, I could have set an appointment, but you know car places. They'd get to the car when they got to the car. And, the earlier it was in, the earlier they could diagnose it, and the quicker parts could be ordered. I knew parts would have to be ordered.

My thoughts were that either the water pump had gone, or there may have been a hose problem or a blockage. the radiator didn't seem to be drawing water from the reservoir.

Turns out the radiator was blown. It had to be replaced to the tune of around $700. It also took from 6 AM until 2 PM of me sitting in the slightly warm, very noisy shop office. I'm beat.

So, ummm ... no funny videos, no stupid jokes, not even a half-hearted fart moment.

Lucky you.


Anonymous said...

That's no excuse. It takes like what? 5 minutes to post something? You say updated daily. So update daily! You have an obligation to your readers. Our time is too precious to be wasted visiting sites that claim regular updates and don't deliver. Of course, your readership is probably not very many. I'm guessing no more than 10 a day, probably less. Get RSS at least, so people know when you've updated. And get rid of that old poll while you're at it! Hope your mother is okay. Peace!

Raivynn said...

My mother is doing fine, thanks for your concern. :)

I'll respond to you anonymous comments in a future post. I've got a review or two I'll be writing before, however.