Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

Wishing you and yours a safe and happy Fourth of July!

I'll be spending the day mucking about in WoW, watching one of 12 new DVDs with the family, likely playing a game or two with the kids, and once it gets dark ... Fireworks! Or, what passes as legal fireworks in my town.

Sure, I could basically lie to one of the hundreds of firework vendor tents scattered all over the county. I could tell them I wish to purchase the fireworks for agricultural purposes. I wouldn't need to worry about getting in trouble because the cops don't really enforce the ban on non-sparkler fireworks.

But, I feel it is wrong and sends a poor message to my kids. I'm constantly telling them not to lie, not even on the little stuff. How would it look for me to lie just so we can blow stuff up in celebration of our country's Independence? Real good way to honor my country ... by lying.

Of course, with all the politicians, you'd think lying would be the perfect way to celebrate. =/

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Doug E. Pudge said...

Nice point Raivynn! I have spent the last couple of days dealing with my youngest about why we are doing sparklers and fountains because they are the only "legal" fireworks allowed in Michigan. You first have to deal with the "but so and so's parents have...", "and what's her face's dad always gets..." Eventually that message got through but then you get "well if we move to another state can we move to one that lets us have real fireworks?" Hard to tell him that even if they allow it the chances are that we won't do it! So, life goes on and all 11 year old will eventually grow up and maybe then they'll understand all of the whys and hows of what parents do! B4T