Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Going to the Movies

My mother and I are heading to the local cineplex at the mall to see Tranformers today. We'll likely be heading out around noonish, grab lunch at the mall food court, then slip into a 12:40 or 1:10 showing. Depends on how much we lallygag about in the food court ... and how crowded the mall is, I suppose.

I was not the biggest Transformers fan as a kid. I never even had any of the toys, though I did watch the cartoon. Not slavishly, but if it was on, I was home, and nothing else was capturing my attention, my eyes gazed upon the brave Autobots as they battled the evil Decepticons.

I did watch the Beast Wars era of Transformers, however. There were few totally CGI shows out back in 1996, and I found it visually entertaining. Plus, the show came on right after I got home from my graveyard shift job, and I watched it while munching a bowl of cereal before I showered and went to bed.

I don't know, in detail, the Transformer mythology. I'm avoiding reading up on it at Wikiepedia or other fan sites, so as to not taint my experience seeing the movie. I am already a little leery at the robot designs compared to what I recall from the cartoons and CGI series. But, I try to see movies about pre-existing properties (like super-heroes, and such) with an open mind. I like to think of the movie continuity as an alternate reality of sorts. This way I lessen any disappointment I might have about differences from the original source material.

I'll write up a review of the movie in the next day or so ... after I stop expecting every car, truck, or airplane to suddenly shift into a robot form with that digital ratcheting sound, that is.

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